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Machinery & Tools
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SG Industries produce machinery & tools, by OEM. Also, the company provides not only single products according to the need of customers but also customized products as well.

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  Fabric  Machines

  • Weaving/Kntting Machines

  • Stenter/Coating Machines

  • Dyeing/Auto Flat Screen Printing  Machines

  • Auto Packing Machines

  • Sewing Machines

lemon slicer.png


  Food Processing Machines

  • Fruit/Vegetable/Meat Slicing(cutting)Machines

  • Weighing Scales/Metal Detector

  • Conveyor/Food transportation

  • Food Packaging/Sealing Machines

  • Rice/Cereal Cake/Dumpling/Bread Machines



  Plastic Processing Machines

  • PVC/PS Extruder Line

  • Plastic Blow Molding Machine

  • Hydraulic Press Machine

  • Foil Laminating Machine

  • PVC Flooring Machine

  • Plastic Crusher/Injection Mold

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