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Electric Appliance & Kitchenware

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SG Industries produce electic home and industrial appliance, by OEM. Also, the company provides not only single products according to the need of customers but also customized products as well.



  Far-Infrared Ray Tube Heater

  • Heating Capacity : 9,000~25,000Kcal

  • Heating Area : 49.5m2~165m2

  • Fuel Consumption : 0.9L~2.3L

  • Tank Capacity : 35L~75L

  • Voltage : 220V/60Hz/60W

air curtain.png


  Air Curtain

  • 3 Models per each usage

  • Air Speed : 25m/s~28m/s

  • Air Height : 3 meter

  • Power Consumption : 480W~698W

  • Voltage : 220V/50Hz/60Hz

  • Housing : EGI Steel

fry pan.jpg



  • Our pans boast reinforced non-stick coating pans for easy cooking and cleaning. And available in lots of different sizes (from 16cm ~ 40cm) for your all cooking needs.

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