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SG Industries provide wide range of machinery parts and industrial materials. Also, the company provides not only single products according to the need of customers but also customized products as well.

color steel.png


  Color Steel Sheet

  • Roofing/Outer Wall/Inner Wall/Ceiling

  • Fire Door

  • Home Appliance

enamelled pannel.png


  Enamelled Pannel

  • Exterior Building Merial(Cladding) 

  • Tranin Station/Tunnel/High-Impact Location

  • Enamel Thermal Elements/Industrial

  • Hot Water Tank/Liquefied Fertilizer Tank

  • Kitchen/Camping Supplies/Cooking Devies Parts

pipe fitting.png


  Pipe & Pipe FIttings

  • Seamless/Duplex pipes

  • Carbon & Alloy Steel/Stainless Steel

  • Ship-Building/LNG Carrier/Power Plant

  • Nuclear Power Plant

  • On-shore/Off-shore




  • High-Tensile

  • Heavy Equipment

  • Industrial Parts

  • FA plant/Automobile/Cold Forging

fry pan.jpg



  • Our pans boast reinforced non-stick coating pans for easy cooking and cleaning. And available in lots of different sizes (from 16cm ~ 40cm) for your all cooking needs.

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