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SG Industries provide consumer & daily life use products, by OEM. Also, the company provides not only single products according to the need of customers but also customized products as well.



  Mobile Phone Accessories

  • Batteries Charger/Connector

  • Window Protection Film/Phone Case/Holder

  • Wireless Speaker/Ear Phone/Headset

  • USB(Memory Flash Drive)

  • Mobile Phone Reader/RFID

  • OEM Mobile Parts Processing



  Home Security/Smart Home

  • CCTV/CCTV Camera Housing/Controller

  • DVR/AHD Recorder

  • Digital Door Lock

  • Auto Door System

  • Camera Module/Sensor/Finger Print Sensor

  • Smart Home System

fry pan.jpg



  • Our pans boast reinforced non-stick coating pans for easy cooking and cleaning. And available in lots of different sizes (from 16cm ~ 40cm) for your all cooking needs.

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